The Election Project

So maybe my love of Constitution Day has gone a little too far when my coworkers buy me a cake for it. Just kidding, that’s impossible!

I’ve been thinking for a while about how US politics got where it is today. Ok, I guess that’s not a unique thought. But it seems that most studies of US history are broken down by president (or wars). Don’t get me wrong, I love presidents! But there’s another way to think about this: elections. I can name the presidents by heart not because I memorized their names, but because I remember what they stood for at their moment in time. Often times, the president doesn’t complete the proposals they campaigned on, but what they represented still meant something. And it can really show how parties change. Sure, Lincoln and Trump are both Republicans, but there’s a lot that happened in between that changed what the party stood for. Not to mention, the losing candidate has their own effect on their party that gets lost in the greater conversation.

My plan is to post about each subsequent election every Tuesday. The “sign” that made me actually go through with this is that, if I start today, Constitution Day 2019, I’ll finish on Election Day 2020! So yeah, thanks so much for reading. Hopefully, these improve in quality over time, and maybe I make this page design look a little more colorful at some point.

Let’s get started! Happy Constitution Day!